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This outfit is amazing. If you use them you'll not be disappointed. I'd had it 3 months. Did about 3,000 miles. It broke down. I found the 3rd party warranty company (I believe all Warren's cars are sold with a warranty) difficult to deal with, so I contacted Warren and asked him whether he would help me. I'm not sure whether I expected him to help or not - you know the reputation used car dealers have - but he agreed immediately. From that moment on I had to do virtually nothing. The fault was a difficult one (gearbox), and there were procurement problems with the parts, so despite Warren's best efforts it took ages to get it fixed, but he kept me informed at all stages. I don't know how much time he spent on it, but it must have been a lot. And he arranged it so that everything was covered by the warranty. I'll tell you I am incredibly happy with the service I got from Warren. I don't think anybody could have done more than he did to get me back on the road. His communication is incredibly good, his way of doing business just works really well, and this must be the most painless way to buy cars. Oh yes, he's a really nice guy, too. I don't change cars often, but the next time I need one, I know exactly who I'm going to. It's Car Peeps for me all the way. I would advise anybody to do the same.
Paul T
1 year ago on Google